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sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013

Pierluisi speaks against Puerto Rico colonialism at the United Nations


Click on the above link to see a video of Puerto Rico's Resident Commissioner Pierluisi speak to the United Nation's Decolonization Committee in June 2013 .

I think Pierluisi makes an outstanding presentation!  However, I would like to point out the following: 
  • He calls Puerto Rico's present political status an unincorporated territory.  That refers to United States constitutional language.  Under international law, Puerto Rico's political relationship to the United States is a colonial one.  He is speaking in this video to the international community of the United Nations, and as such, he should have used the word colony instead of referring to Puerto Rico as an unincorporated territory.

  • He claims that even if Puerto Ricans had ever endorsed the current colonial political status at one time, since the November 6, 2012 referendum where 54% rejected it, that endorsement has been withdrawn!  Pierluisi, as a lawyer, knows that, once international law proclaimed colonialism a crime against humanity, even if, 100% of the Puerto Ricans had wanted to remain a colony of the United States, that still wound not have justified this illegal relationship.  He, and his party, should have been protesting since 1960!

  • There is a lot of controversy about how many Puerto Ricans actually favor Puerto Rico becoming another state of the United States of America.  Notwithstanding that, the only route for Puerto Rico, according to international law, is to become a self-governing nation.  It is only after that point, that Puerto Rico could decide to petition the United States to become a state of the United States of America.  It will be only then that we will know for sure how many Puerto Ricans favor statehood for Puerto Rico.

Please join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico gets decolonized!  After 115 years of colonialism, it is obvious that the government of the United States has no interest in Puerto Rico decolonization.  That is why it should also be obvious to all that, those who practice colonialism don't believe in justice for all!

martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

Oscar Lopez Rivera, after 32 years in prison


Click on the above link to see a video about Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Oscar is in prison for fighting for the decolonization of Puerto Rico.  He has the right under international law to do that, and to use whatever means necessary to achieve decolonization.  The United States government, on the other hand, is the one that commits the crime against humanity by holding Puerto Rico under colonial rule.

Oscar was convicted of seditious conspiracy to overthrow the legitimate authority of the United States over Puerto Rico.  The United States obtained Puerto Rico as a result of a military invasion in 1898.   Seditious conspiracy was a crime used in the United States during the Civil War to prevent states from seceding from the Union.  After that, it was never used again until 1937 to silence Pedro Albizu Campos.  Don Pedro advocated independence for Puerto Rico, and the United States (US) did everything in its power to prevent it.  The US is still doing everything in its power to decolonize Puerto Rico.  This is why, despite the huge domestic and international outcry to release Oscar from prison, the sitting President of the United States, and 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Obama refuse to liberate him.  The US knows that, liberating him means Puerto Rico decolonization.  And that, for the US is out of the question!

Join us in 2 peaceful protest a year until Puerto Rico is decolonize, because those who accept colonialism don't believe in justice for all!    

lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

¿Oscar López Rivera, héroe o conspirador? / Oscar López Rivera, conspirator or hero?

Oscar López Rivera se ganó la Medalla de Honor de Bronce por su servicio militar en el ejército de Estados Unidos durante la guerra en contra de Vietnam.  El gobierno de Estados Unidos nos dijo que estábamos defendiendo la libertad y la democracia.   ¡Oscar era para Estados Unidos en aquel entonces un héroe!

Después de esa guerra, Oscar decidió luchar por la libertad y la democracia de los puertorriqueños. Desde ese tiempo, dejo de ser un héroe para Estados Unidos para convertirse en un conspirador sedicioso para derrocar la autoridad legítima de Estados Unidos sobre Puerto Rico.  ¿Y qué paso con la libertad y la democracia de los pueblos?

¿Sabía usted que Puerto Rico es una colonia de Estados Unidos (EEUU) por resultado de una invasión militar en el 1898, y no por una consulta al pueblo de Puerto Rico? ¿Sabía usted que la Asamblea de Delegados de Puerto Rico rechazó la imposición de su ciudadanía a los puertorriqueños? ¿Sabía usted que Estado Unidos comete un crimen en contra de la humanidad al mantener a Puerto Rico en una relación colonial con ella?  ¿Sabía usted que la Organización de Naciones Unidas le ha pedido a Estados Unidos en 32 resoluciones que descolonice inmediatamente a Puerto Rico y ella ha ignorado estos reclamos internacionales que representa más del 95% de las naciones de esa organización?  ¿Sabía usted que la ley internacional le da el derecho a los países usar cualquier medio necesario para descolonizarse?  ¿Esta Estados Unidos sobre la ley internacional y a democracia internacional por ser la potencia militar número uno?

Únete a 2 protestas pacíficas al año hasta que Puerto Rico se descolonice a través de la ley internacional, que es la que tiene jurisdicción en este asunto.  Pensar por un momento que se pueda descolonizar a Puerto Rico a través de la que nos quiere mantener en el coloniaje para siempre es una locura.  ¡Tenemos que protestar pacíficamente porque la que ha practicado el colonialismo en Puerto Rico por 105 años ciertamente no cree en la justicia para todos!

Oscar López Rivera won the Bronze Medal of Honor for his participation in the Vietnam War as a solider in the United States military.  We were all told by the United States (US) government that we were fighting for liberty and democracy.  Oscar was a hero for the United States!

Then, after the war, Oscar decided to fight for liberty and democracy for Puerto Rico.  Since that time, Oscar has become a seditious conspirator against the legal authority of the United States over Puerto Rico.  And what ever happened to liberty and democracy for countries?
Did you know that Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States by virtue of a military invasion in 1898, and not by a consultation with the People of Puerto Rico?  Did you know that the Puerto Rican Assembly in 1917 rejected the United States’ imposition of her citizenship on Puerto Ricans?  Did you know that the United States government commits an international crime by maintaining Puerto Rico in a colonial relationship with her?  Did you know that the United Nations has asked the United States 32 times to immediately decolonize Puerto Rican, as she has ignored them all despite having the approval of over 95% of the countries represented in this organization? Did you know that international law gives countries that right to use whatever means necessary to decolonize?  Is the United States above international law and international democracy, because she is number one militarily?
Join us in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized under international law, which is the venue that has jurisdiction in this matter!  To think that the United States will ever decolonize Puerto Rico, when this colonial relationship only exists because the US has always wanted it that way is just plain insanity.  We must peacefully protest, because those who have practiced colonialism for 105 years in Puerto Rico certainly don't believe in Justice for all!

miércoles, 21 de agosto de 2013

Puerto Rico has the second highest percentage of her nation in the United States!


Click on the above link to read about a book about Pedro Albizu Campo’s involvement with Ireland’s independence from the United Kingdom.

This list reveals the top 20 Diasporas in the United States, and what percentages of each entire nation they represent.  The percentages are calculated based on the number of people of a particular national origin in the United States from the population of that country.  It is interesting to note that the country whose independence Pedro Albizu Campos actively supported, has the unbelievable amount of her people (90%) in the United States!

1.       Ireland 90%

2.       Puerto Rico 66%

3.       Norway 46%

4.       Germany 37%

5.       United Kingdom 34%

6.       Sweden 30%

7.       El Salvador 27%

8.       Mexico 23%

9.       Italy 23%

10.   Netherlands 21%

11.   Poland 20%

12.   Cuba 16%

13.   Dominican Republic 16%

14.   France 12%

15.   Canada 8%

16.   Philippine 4%

17.   Vietnam 2%

18.   Korea 2 %

19.   India .3%

20.   China .3%

In the case of Puerto Rico, it is obvious that if 66% of Puerto Ricans are living in the United States, the government of Puerto Rico has historically not done its job to create the conditions in Puerto Rico to keep them here.  The fact of the matter is that under a colonial relationship with the United States, the government of Puerto Rico does not have the power to govern Puerto Rico for the Puerto Ricans.  This, of course, is by design.

Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized via international law.  Decolonization is impossible through the United States since she was the one that unilaterally created this colonial relationship with Puerto Rico.  Therefore, these protests are indispensable, because those who practice colonialism don’t believe in justice for all!

martes, 20 de agosto de 2013

¡Los puertorriqueños nos podemos gobernar!


Oprima el enlace para ver un video sobre si los puertorriqueños tenemos la capacidad de administrándonos.

Ángel Collado Schwarz (historiador) escribió un libro comparando algunos países similares a Puerto Rico que han mejorado por mucho sus calidades de vida.  Según don Ángel, Puerto Rico con su soberanía también mejoraría por mucho nuestra calidad de vida.  Yo también estoy totalmente en acuerdo con don Ángel.  ¡Tan pronto dejemos de ser explotado como colonia y trabajemos para nosotros mismos, tenemos que progresar de manera sorprendente!

¡Únete a 2 protestas pacíficas al año hasta descolonizar a Puerto Rico!  El gobierno de Estado Unidos es el que se beneficia de nuestra condición colonial y no tiene razón para cambiarlo.  Nosotros somos los quienes sufrimos.  ¡Tenemos que protestar porque aquellos que practican el colonialismo no creen en la justicia para todos!

lunes, 19 de agosto de 2013

Colonial education leaves Puerto Rican children behind


Click on the above link to read a very short article about the damaging effects of colonialism, and its inevitable disastrous effects on a quality education for Puerto Rican children. 

Since a colony is only acquired for exploitation by the empire, the educational system in a colony, even if managed by the ones colonized, is designed to perpetuate the colonial relationship.  This is why, as a people, Puerto Ricans have low self-esteem, and are more comfortable following than leading.  We've had an eternal history of following!

Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized!  Once you have studied Puerto Rican history, you will be convinced that without this protest, we will be a colony forever.  You will also be convinced that, those who practice or accept colonialism don't believe in justice for all!

viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

5,410,000 Puerto Ricans in the United States!


Click on the above link to find out what rank Puerto Ricans hold in the top 20 largest diaspora in the United States.

For an island as small as Puerto Rico, we rank number 8 in the top twenty largest diaspora in the United States.  What does this mean?

It means that the government of Puerto Rico has done a disastrous job at creating good jobs in Puerto Rico.  The fact of the matter is that nobody can under the eternal colonial relationship Puerto Rico has always had with 2 empires.  We were first a colony of Spain for 405 years.  Then, we've been a colony of the United States for the past 115 years.

Colonies are for exploitation.  This is why more Puerto Ricans live outside Puerto Rico than in.

In order for Puerto Ricans to be able to decide what is best for us, we must, on our own, learn what has happened to us since 1493.  If we do this, the decision as to the direction we should go as a people would be much easier!  Don't wait for the government to do this as it is not in its interest to do so.  If you don't know the truth, you will want to remain a colony forever!

Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized.  If we continue to do what we have always done, we will stay exactly where we are.  So, we must peacefully protest, because those who practice colonialism don't believe in justice for all!  

Why can't Puerto Rico be decolonized through the United States?


Click on the above link to see the August 1st, 2013 hearing in the United States Senate concerning Puerto Rico's colonial status.

Here you will see the historical manner in which Puerto Rico has tried to decolonize herself.  The representatives from the different status options go the United States (US) government to convince it to give us what they want.  The US governments then tells them, "Puerto Rico has to decide what she wants.  Come back and see us when you decide that."

What the US government doesn't mention is the fact that it has violently persecuted Puerto Ricans who have wanted independence for Puerto Rico since its military invasion of 1898.  This is the reason why so many Puerto Ricans are afraid of independence for Puerto Rico.  But, this video tries to portray a US government that wants to solve Puerto Rico's colonial problem.

The US government has never admitted that it created this colonial problem, and has aggressively contributed to the confusion over our political status through its' repression of advocates favoring Puerto Rico independence.  This is why the United States refuses to liberate Puerto Rico's political prisoner, Oscar Lopez Rivera, despite the world's call for his immediate release after 32 years of incarceration. The US prefers rather to teach Puerto Rico and the world a lesson that she is above the law, and of democratic principals!

Since we are the ones with the colonial problem, we are the ones who have to resolve it.  Since we are the ones who have the right under international law to our self-determination and independence, we must stop including the United States in the resolution process.  Why should the US be interested in solving a problem that she created, and benefits greatly from it?

Our efforts would be better spent peacefully protesting together to get the United Nations to decolonize Puerto Rico under international law.  International law requires that a colony must become an independent nation.  Once that happens, then Puerto Ricans can decide on our own what kind of government we want.

Some people are afraid of this, but that is the decolonization process!  Anything else would be an illegal process that is contrary to the international law that has jurisdiction over this matter.  Those who are afraid of the international process for decolonization don't believe in democracy.  And that's why I believe that we must peacefully protest 2 times a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized. We must, because those who practice colonialism don't believe in justice for all!

miércoles, 14 de agosto de 2013

Is the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico a colony?


Click on the link to see a video about whether Puerto Rico is a colony.

Here is an excellent video about the question of whether Puerto Rico is or not a colony of the United States.  The video is the work of a student from Antilles High School in Puerto Rico.  As a teacher myself, I have no doubt that this student received an excellent evaluation for this project.  I certainly am proud of this student and teacher responsible for this project.  This is excellence!

Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonize, because those who practice or accept colonialism do not believe in justice for all!

President Clinton denies that Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States!


Click on the link to read President Clinton’s argument that Puerto Rico is not a colony of the United States.

Former President Clinton denies that Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States.  He argues that in 1952, Puerto Rico became self-governing under the current political status called, “Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico".  He back to defining words, like he did with the word is.

President Clinton is a lawyer.  Over 95% of the nations that comprise the United Nations (UN) have issued 32 UN resolutions asking the government of United States of America to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.  Even if President Clinton were correct, and history does not support his allegations, wouldn’t principles of democracy make it imperative that Puerto Rico be decolonized?

President Clinton is using the same arguments that the United States used in 1953 to persuade the United Nations to take Puerto Rico off the its list of colonies.  Since then, the United Nations has realized that Puerto Rico has never stopped being a colony of the United States.  This is why on every Monday after Fathers’ Day, the United Nations celebrates its annual hearing to discuss Puerto Rico decolonization until it is accomplished.  Not many people know about this hearing, since it is kept quiet in the news media.  Did you know that this UN hearing about Puerto Rico decolonization is not telecast on Puerto Rico television, not even on the Puerto Rico government station (WIPR)!

The United Nations has never put back Puerto Rico on its list of colonies.  I believe this has been a big mistake!  The United Nations is on its third decade trying to eradicate colonialism from the world.  If the UN is really serious about it, it should starts speaking clearly about the issues, and put Puerto Rico back on that list.  It would then make it harder for people like President Clinton, who likes to define words to his convenience, to deceive us over and over again!

Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonize, because those who practice or accept colonialism do not believe in justice for all!

lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Puerto Rico colonialism carefully planned


Click on the link above to read how Puerto Rico became a colony of the United States.

Most people are led to believe through propaganda that the United States acquired Puerto Rico to give her freedom, liberty and democracy.  Read a short history about how and why Puerto Rico is the oldest colony in the world.  One of President Roosevelt staff said that never in the history of Puerto Rico had there been more misery.  Most of you would have thought that Puerto Rico was worse off under Spain!

With a history like this, it is easy to understand why Puerto Rico has been a colony of the US for 115 years.  Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonize!  Without the protests, it will never happen because, those who practice colonialism don't believe in justice for all!

If colonialism is good for Puerto Rico, why are the results so devastating for her?


Click on the above link to read about the record breaking numbers in which Puerto Ricans are leaving our island. 

The article talks about how much less money from the United States government this migration represents.  It does not, however, mention the loss money that Puerto Rico is prevented of generating on her own if Puerto Rico were govern for the benefit of the residents of Puerto Rico.  The fact that Puerto Rico has been a colony of the United States for 115 years is never mentioned here.  For the first time in history, more Puerto Rican are outside of Puerto Rico than on our beautiful island!  If colonialism is great for Puerto Rico, why are the results of it so devastation for Puerto Rico?

Join in 2 peaceful protests a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized.  Obviously, the United States government has no interest in changing a condition that she unilaterally established on July 25th, 1898, and has greatly benefitted for 115 years.  And of course, it should also be even more obvious that those who practice colonialism don't believe in justice for all!

lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

El circo que siempre montan para mantener colonizado a Puerto Rico


Oprima el enlace arriba para leer el artículo recientemente sobre una vista en el Congreso de Washington DC sobre la Descolonización de Puerto Rico.  Éste es el circo que siempre montan para que todo se quede igual.

Los puertorriqueños van por separados para decirle al gobierno de Estado Unidos (EEUU) lo que cada grupo quiere.  Esto lo hacen todos los partidos y agrupaciones puertorriqueñas a pesar que EEUU no tiene jurisdicción en el asunto sobre la descolonización de Puerto Rico.  Estados Unidos es la misma que comete el crimen bajo la ley internacional al tener a Puerto Rico colonizada por 115 años.   ¿Cómo va ser que sea EEUU la que este dirigiendo este proceso de descolonización?  Si EEUU realmente quiere descolonizar a Puerto Rico, ¿Por qué no permite que la Organización de Naciones Unidas (ONU) lo haga como se supone que sea?

Fíjese lo que siempre dice el gobierno de EEUU para aparentar que ella no es la mala.   Los puertorriqueños se tienen que ponerse de acuerdo para poder mover este proceso descolonizador.  ¡Eso nunca va a pasar! Y es precisamente para que no nos podamos poner de acuerdo que EEUU no le quiere soltar la administración del proceso de descolonización a la ONU.

Por eso es que tenemos que protestar pacíficamente 2 veces al año hasta lograr la descolonización de Puerto Rico.  ¡Es obvio que los que practican el colonialismo en violación a la ley internacional que considera el colonialismo un crimen en contra de la humanidad, no creen en la justicia para todos!

Gobierno de Puerto Rico trabaja para Estado Unidos / Puerto Rico government works for the United States


Oprima el enlace para ver un anuncio de PRIDCO de Puerto Rico

Aquí tienes un perfecto ejemplo de cómo el gobierno de Puerto Rico no trabaja para los residentes de Puerto Rico.  En vez de estar trabajando para descolonizarnos para tener la autoridad para crear trabajos de verdad para los residentes de Puertos Rico, quiere darle grandes ventajas a los negocias estadounidenses para que vengan acá.   Esto solo deja, como lo ha hecho en el pasado, empleos con sueldos mínimos y el dinero se lo llevan fuera de Puerto Rico.  ¿No es obvio para quien trabaja el gobierno de Puerto Rico, bajo el nombre Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico?

¡Únete a 2 protestas pacificas al año hasta lograr la descolonización de Puerto Rico, porque, los que practican el colonialismo no creen en la justicia para todos!

Click on the way above link to see an advertisement from Puerto Rico’s PRIDCO.

Here is a perfect example of how the government of Puerto Rico is not working for the residents of Puerto Rico.  Instead of the Puerto Rico government trying to decolonize this island so that we could have the authority to governs ourselves and create real jobs that would benefit our residents, it wants to give big attractive incentives to United States businesses to come here.  This only leaves, as it has in the past, low paying jobs, and the money is taken out of Puerto Rico.  Isn’t obvious who the government of Puerto Rico is working for, under the name of “Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico?

Join 2 peaceful protests annually until we decolonize Puerto Rico, because those who practice colonialism don’t believe in justice for all?

sábado, 3 de agosto de 2013

La gran confusión puertorriqueña sobre la descolonización / Puerto Ricans’ big confusion about decolonization

Yo tuve una conversación interesante y muy típica los otros días.  Estábamos hablando sobre la descolonización de Puerto Rico, y ella me pregunta, ¿Qué estatus político tendríamos?

Muchos de nosotros creemos que tenemos que decidir qué estado político queremos antes de descolonizarnos.  ¡Eso es totalmente falso!

Bajo la ley internacional, Puerto Rico debe descolonizarse inmediatamente, porque el colonialismo es un crimen en contra la humanidad.  Los puertorriqueños no tenemos que decidir qué estatus político queremos  antes de la descolonización, porque el proceso solo va en una dirección.  La ley internacional requiere que Puerto Rico se convierta en una república independiente.   Yo sé que eso le da miedo a muchos de nosotros por la propaganda eterna  de que no somos capaces de gobernarnos.  ¡Pero, esa misma propagando viene de los mismos que siempre han querido que seamos una colonia para siempre! 

Estados Unidos (EEUU) nos ha convencido que si queremos cambiar nuestro estatus político tenemos que hacerlo a través del gobierno de EEUU.  ¡Estado Unidos lo quiere así porque sabe que bajo su control, EEUU puede crear las condiciones perfectas para mantenernos peleando sobre las diferentes fórmulas de estatus políticos para siempre! 

Cuando estemos descolonizados, nosotros podemos decidir cualquier otra cosa sin intervención ajena.  Nosotros podríamos gobernar para los intereses de los puertorriqueños.  Eso es lo que Estados Unidos no quiere que hagamos.  Por eso es que hemos sido colonia de EEUU por 115 años.  Por eso es que EEUU tiene al prisionero político puertorriqueño  Oscar López Rivera por 32 años.  Y por eso EEUU ha ignorado 32 resoluciones de la Organización de Naciones Unidas pidiéndole que descolonice inmediatamente a Puerto Rico.

Únete a 2 protestas pacíficas al año hasta lograrlo.  Obviamente, eso no va hacer fácil.  Pero, como dice el refrán, “el que no lora, no mama.”  ¡También, debemos todos estar convencido de que, los que practican o aceptan e colonialismo no creen en la justicia para todos!

I had an interesting and very typical conversation the other day.  We were talking about Puerto Rico decolonization, and she asked me, what political status would we then have?  
Many of us believe that we must decide first what political status we want before decolonization begins.  That is totally false!
Under international law, Puerto Rico should decolonize immediately, because colonialism is a crime against humanity.  Puerto Ricans need not decide what status they want, because the decolonization process only goes one way.  International law requires that Puerto Rico become an independent nation.  I know this scares us a lot, because of the eternal propaganda about Puerto Ricans not being capable of governing ourselves.  But that propaganda has come from those who have always wanted us be a colony forever!
The United States (US) has made us believes that if we want to change our political status, it must be done via the US government.  This is also totally false!  The government that holds a colony does not have jurisdiction concerning decolonization, because that country is committing an international crime by having a colony. 
The US government has made us believe that we must decide what we want before decolonization.  It has because under US colonialism, it can control our debate over political options to create the necessary conditions to keep us arguing forever.
Once we decolonize the right way, under international law, we can make whatever other decisions on our own without any outside interference.  We could then run our government to benefit the people of Puerto Rico.  This is exactly what the US does not want us to do.  This is why we have been a colony of the US for 115 years.  This is also why Oscar Lopez Rivera, with 32 years of incarceration, is the longest held political prisoner in the world.   And, this is why the US has ignored 32 United Nations resolutions asking her to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.
Join 2 peaceful protests a year until we decolonize Puerto Rico.  Obviously, it will not be an easy thing to do.  But, like the saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  And like we all should know by now, those who practice and accept colonialism do not believe in justice for all!

¿Por qué muchos puertorriqueños tenemos una autoestima baja? / Why do Puerto Ricans have a low self esteem?

Para contestar esa pregunta, haremos otra pregunta.  ¿Cómo podemos los padres asegurarnos que nuestros hijos se desarrollen a plenitud?  Deberemos proveerles todo lo que sabemos que un ser humano necesita para desarrollarse a su habilitad máxima.  Eso incluye:

  • Amor y protección
  • Salud física e emocional
  • Enseñar su, historia y cultura
  • Enseñar modales de convivencia
  • Estar pendiente en su educación formal, emocional e espiritual
  • Ayudar desarrollar sus talentos 
  • Ayudar y permitir que tome dicciones apropiadas durante su desarrollo
  • Etc., etc. etc.…

Aún haciendo todo que sabemos que ayudaría a nuestros hijos desarrollarse a plenitud, esto no nos garantiza eso.  Pero sí nos sentiremos seguros que hicimos todo lo posible para que nuestro hijos tuviesen la mejor posibilitad para una mejor vida para el.  ¿Qué tiene esto que ver con nuestro tema?

Si Puerto Rico fuera ese niño, mira que le ha pasado.  España, los padres, abusaron de él  para explotarlo salvajemente por 405 años para sus beneficios.  Luego, Estados Unidos, los padrascos, hace lo mismo por los pasados 115 años.  Obviamente, este historial familiar no podo haber desarrollado puertorriqueños con una autoestima alta.  ¡Pero precisamente lo que si se logro es exactamente lo que necesita al imperio para mantenernos colonizados!

Sin embargo, existe la aberración de haber algunos de nosotros que nos hemos podido desarrollar de una manera asombrosa,  a pesar de las circunstancias totalmente opuestas a las más apropiadas.  La razón ha sido  que nuestros padres supieron ejemplarmente imponerse sobre la corriente existente para poder realizar lo necesario dentro de sus circunstancias para proveernos lo necesario para nuestro triunfo.

Aún los que hemos podido superarnos bajo el coloniaje perpetuo puertorriqueño, no estamos exento de esa contante influencia de subordinación que nos rodea.  Como ejemplo le traigo una conversación que tuve con una persona preparada e inteligente.  Después de contarme de una experiencia de racismo que sufrió en Estados Unidos, me dijo que lo que le faltaba para escoger la independencia como la mejor opción para Puerto Rico era saber con, ¿Que nación nos podíamos asociar?  ¡Aparentemente, la propagando constante de que nosotros no somos capaces de administrarnos, la afecto a ella también!  Nuestra autoestima no esta al nivel necesario como para que podamos pensar que con los poderes de soberanía en manos de los puertorriqueños, nosotros  podamos crear todo los empleos necesarios para satisfacer las necesidades de los residentes en nuestra isla.
Nuestra autoestima baja fue creada por los imperio para mantenernos en nuestra condición colonial para siempre.  Si nuestros ingenieros graduados de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Mayagüez son tan buenos para trabajar en la NASA, eso significa que nosotros somos tan bueno que los demás en nuestro planeta

Únete a 2 protesta pacificas al año hasta lograr la descolonización de Puerto Rico.  Esto es necesario porque, los que no lloran, no maman.  ¡Además, esta comprobado que los que practican o aceptan el colonialismo no creen en la justicia para todos!

To answer this question, we will ask another.  What can parents do to assure that our sons and daughters have the best possibility of success in their lives?  We should provide them with all the things that we know would make that happen.  They include:

·         Love and protection

·         Physical and emotional health

·         Teach them their history and culture

·         Teach them etiquette and rules for living in communities peacefully

·         Monitor their formal education, spiritual and emotional formation

·         Help them develop their talents

·         Allow them to make decisions appropriate to their developmental levels

·         Etc., etc., etc….

Even if we do all of the things that we know leads to success, that doesn’t mean that we will achieve our goal.  We would, however, feel that we did everything that was under our control to give our children every opportunity for success.  What does all this have to do with our topic?

If Puerto Rico were a child, let’s see what has happened in her life.  Spain, her parents, abused her for 405 years to exploit her for Spain’s benefit.  Then, the United States, the step parents, is still continuing to do the same for the past 115 years.  Obviously, Puerto Rico’s family history is not one to foster a high self-esteem for Puerto Ricans.  However, it is the precise level of self-esteem that these empires wanted to achieve so that we would remain her colony forever!

Nevertheless, the aberration exists where some of us have been able to develop in a remarkable way in this adverse condition!  We have, because our parents were able to do a remarkable job of providing those elements to make that happen. 

That doesn’t mean that those of us that have succeeded escaped totally from the eternal effects of colonialism that permeates our lives.  To illustrate this, I will use a conversation I had with a successful and intelligent friend.   After she told me about a racist experience she had in the United States, she said that the only thing stopping her from favoring independence for Puerto Rico is finding another country for Puerto Rico to associate with.  It is obvious that the constant propaganda from the empires that we are not able to govern ourselves have affected her too!  It is inconceivable for her to believe that Puerto Ricans have to ability to create all of the jobs that we would require to satisfy the needs of the residence of Puerto Rico. 

Our low self-esteem was manufactured by the empires to ensure that we would remain a colony forever.  But, if our engineers who graduate from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez are good enough to work for NASA, that means that we are at least just as good as everybody else. 

Join us in 2 peaceful protests a year until we decolonize Puerto Rico.  This is necessary because, “The sneaky wheel gets the grease.”  Furthermore, it has been proven that, those who practice or accept colonialism doesn’t believe in justice for all!