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domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011


The USG invaded Puerto Rico (PR) in 1898.  After 113 years, PR has the worst economy in the nation.  But then again, that’s what colonies are for (exploitation).
Despite the fact that the United Nations (UN) recognize three ways to decolonize (independence, becoming a state of another nation, or associating of two republics) the USG has harshly repressed the independence option.
“La Masacre de Ponce”, “La Ley de la Mordaza”, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) counter intelligence program (COINTELPRO), and the excessively long prison terms given to advocates of Puerto Rico independence, are just a few examples of what the USG has done to prevent Puerto Ricans from deciding their own political future.
If you study the COINTELPRO, you will see that it is designed to create division among the members who advocate for whatever the government does not want (in our case independence).  So if you are wondering why Puerto Ricans have always been so divided on what they want as a political status, it is because the FBI has a great COINTELPRO!  But that is also against UN Resolution 1514(XV) which declares colonialism a crime against humanity.
For this very reason, decolonization is not a domestic affair.  Nor was the abolition of slavery left to the slave masters to accomplish!  Nevertheless, the USG must pretend it seeks decolonization by encouraging plebiscites because it knows it can control the outcome. Or it favors the Puerto Rico election process.  Have you ever wondered how it is possible to have a democratic election process in a colony?  Aren’t those terms contradictory?
To break this vicious cycle, I advocate a boycott of the Puerto Rico elections.  I call for Puerto Ricans to meet and discuss what we can agree on.  Our decision should then be presented to the USG to see if it really means what it says.  If it doesn’t, we then go to the UN where it belongs.
I invite everyone who believe in the decolonization of Puerto Rico to attend the UN hearing this coming June 2012 (the exact date has not yet been decided).   A massive mobilization would send a strong message that colonialism must end now. 
After 29 UN resolutions calling for an end to PR colonialism, when will it ever happen?  President George W. Bush argued that Iraq had ignored countless UN resolutions to justify military action against her.  The President said that Iraq’s non-compliance constituted disrespect for the international community, and that somebody had to do something about it!  Well the USG has done the same thing.  Twenty-nine times to be exact!  Please come and be counted!

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