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martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Puerto Rico political prisoner Oscar López Rivera challenges the United States

Clinton challenges Myanmar to expand reforms; meets Suu Kyi | Firstpost

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United States (US) Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in Myanmar said, We believe that any political prisoner anywhere should be released,” and, “One political prisoner is one too many in our view.”
The United States is quick to tell other countries what they need to do.  But the fact of the matter is, she has no moral grounds to do so!

Oscar López Rivera is the longest held political prisoner in the world!  He has been in a US cell for 31 years for wanting Puerto Rico to be free.  Even Nelson Mandela did not spend that kind of time (27 years)!   
He was found guilty of trying to overthrow the US government, not from the US, but from his own country of Puerto Rico!  He has the right to do that under international law.  It is the US that is guilty of a crime against humanity for having Puerto Rico under colonial rule for 114 years.  What does that tell you about US democracy?

If the US wants Myanmar to release her political prisoners, because, in the US' view “One political prisoner is one too many…”, she should lead by example and release all of her own!
President Obama, as a lawyer knows that the US is guilty of international law, yet he continues, just like all the other US presidents since 1898, with business as usual.  Didn’t we all think that he’d be better than that!

I look forward to meeting you at the United Nations’ protest on June 17, 2013, because those who accept colonialism do not believe in justice for all!

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