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lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

New Documentary about Puerto Rico’s colonial relationship with the United States

The Last Colony (relaunch) by Juan Agustin Marquez » Trailer LAUNCH this THURSDAY! — Kickstarter

http://www.thelastcolony.com/  (Click here to see the trailer released 5/9/13)

This Thursday, May 9th, 2013, the documentary about Puerto Rico’s colonial status, The Last Colony, will launch its first trailer.  Click on the above link to learn more.

This is a project financed by interested individuals to educate the public about 115 years of the United States' colonial relationship with Puerto Rico.  Please support and watch this documentary when it comes out.  

Join the peaceful protest this June 17, 2013 at the United Nations to demand the decolonization of Puerto Rico.  We invite you to get involve in the immediate decolonization of Puerto Rico.  This colonial relationship is illegal according to international law.  And those who practice or accept it don’t believe in justice for all!

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