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viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Why can't Puerto Rico be decolonized through the United States?


Click on the above link to see the August 1st, 2013 hearing in the United States Senate concerning Puerto Rico's colonial status.

Here you will see the historical manner in which Puerto Rico has tried to decolonize herself.  The representatives from the different status options go the United States (US) government to convince it to give us what they want.  The US governments then tells them, "Puerto Rico has to decide what she wants.  Come back and see us when you decide that."

What the US government doesn't mention is the fact that it has violently persecuted Puerto Ricans who have wanted independence for Puerto Rico since its military invasion of 1898.  This is the reason why so many Puerto Ricans are afraid of independence for Puerto Rico.  But, this video tries to portray a US government that wants to solve Puerto Rico's colonial problem.

The US government has never admitted that it created this colonial problem, and has aggressively contributed to the confusion over our political status through its' repression of advocates favoring Puerto Rico independence.  This is why the United States refuses to liberate Puerto Rico's political prisoner, Oscar Lopez Rivera, despite the world's call for his immediate release after 32 years of incarceration. The US prefers rather to teach Puerto Rico and the world a lesson that she is above the law, and of democratic principals!

Since we are the ones with the colonial problem, we are the ones who have to resolve it.  Since we are the ones who have the right under international law to our self-determination and independence, we must stop including the United States in the resolution process.  Why should the US be interested in solving a problem that she created, and benefits greatly from it?

Our efforts would be better spent peacefully protesting together to get the United Nations to decolonize Puerto Rico under international law.  International law requires that a colony must become an independent nation.  Once that happens, then Puerto Ricans can decide on our own what kind of government we want.

Some people are afraid of this, but that is the decolonization process!  Anything else would be an illegal process that is contrary to the international law that has jurisdiction over this matter.  Those who are afraid of the international process for decolonization don't believe in democracy.  And that's why I believe that we must peacefully protest 2 times a year until Puerto Rico is decolonized. We must, because those who practice colonialism don't believe in justice for all!

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