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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

Why is Puerto Rico’s economy battered?

Click on the above link to read about why there is no opportunity in Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans.

From the graph provided, you will notice that the biggest Puerto Rican exodus was in 1950.  Shortly after the United States government made Puerto Rico its colony it changed Puerto Rico's varied agriculture to one that exclusively produced sugar.  That was not for the benefit of Puerto Rico, but for the benefit of the US. 

Then, the US government killed Puerto Rico agriculture entirely in 1947 through what was called, “Mano a la obra” to promote “Puerto Rico’s industrialization”.  Three years later, 470,000 Puerto Ricans left Puerto Rico in search of a better life.  My family was amongst them.   What is never mentioned in these news articles from the right media is the fact that the United States government has sole culpability for creating the chaos that exists today in Puerto Rico.  As a colony of the United States for the last 116 years, Puerto Rico watches helplessly as Puerto Rico is bled to death.

Puerto Rico is not a democracy.  The United States government fabricated that lie in 1952 to avoid having to report annually to the United Nations about its efforts to decolonize Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico will continue to get worse as the US government continues to further exploit her to force Puerto Ricans off their island.  Only after Puerto Ricans become a minority in Puerto Rico will statehood ever come for Puerto Rico. 

This is why the US government has ignored 33 UN resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.   That is also why the US has refused to release from prison, Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera despite the heavy world pressure to do so.  Keep in mind that international law gives colonized people the right to use all means necessary to decolonize their nation.  Therefore, it is the US government that is guilty of that crime, and not Oscar.

See the 2014 UN Puerto Rico decolonization hearing morning session by clicking this link:
http://webtv.un.org/search/special-committee-on-the-situation-with-regard-to-the-implementation-of-the-declaration-on-the-granting-of-independence-to-colonial-countries-and-peoples-4th-meeting/3639598037001?term=puerto rico

The following link is for the afternoon session:
http://webtv.un.org/search/special-committee-on-the-situation-with-regard-to-the-implementation-of-the-declaration-on-the-granting-of-independence-to-colonial-countries-and-peoples-5th-meeting/3641178758001?term=puerto Rico

We invite all those who believe as the UN does that colonialism is a crime against humanity because it is a threat to world peace to peacefully protest at least 3 times a year until we decolonize Puerto Rico.

The first one will be a march in Puerto Rico to the US Courthouse on March 22 – The Abolition of Slavery Day.  The second one will be another march in Puerto Rico on the day before the UN hearing concerning the decolonization of Puerto Rico.  The third one will be a protest in New York City on the day that the UN has its annual hearing about the decolonization of Puerto Rico.  Of course, we will also support all demonstrations for the release of our Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera.

These protests are absolutely necessary, because 116 years of Puerto Rico colonialism means that the US government doesn't  believe in justice for all!   

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