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miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Puerto Rican history as the United States government wants you to believe

Click on the link to see a video about this topic.

This video contains the information that the United States (US) government wants people to have about the history of Puerto Rico.  The overall sense of this video, is that the US military invasion and acquisition of Puerto Rico by the United States government has been of great benefit to Puerto Ricans.  The big problem with this belief is that it is not based on the truth.

The United States government has always wanted Puerto Rico as its colony, although since 1960, it is an international crime to do so.  That is why when the Liberator Simon Bolivar asked the United States government for support to decolonize the last 2 remaining Spanish colonies in America (Cuba and Puerto Rico), it say no.

Despite 33 United Nations resolutions asking the United States government to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico, it has always said no.

Moreover, it has also maintained in jail Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera for the last 33 years, despite heavy international pressure to free him. 

One of the main reasons for not wanting to decolonize Puerto Rico is that the US gets 70 billion dollars a year out of her, and returns to her only 5 billion.

Don’t allow the US government to teach you Puerto Rican history, because you will only get the kind of information that will lead you to believe that Puerto Rico should remain a US colony forever.

Join the tsunami of people to peacefully protest on a permanent basis for the immediate decolonization of Puerto Rico.  We propose at least 3 permanent protests a year, because those who have colonies, and expend great efforts to hide it, don’t believe in justice for all!

The following link is for the afternoon session:


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