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martes, 29 de enero de 2013

Logic says that the United States should decolonize Puerto Rico

Ricky Rosselló: Logic says Congress should act on results of status vote - Caribbean Business

Ricky Rosello says that the United States will decolonize Puerto Rico as a result of the 54% vote in favor of it in the November 2012 status plebiscite.  I would love nothing better than to agree with his analysis, but he has used a narrow scope to arrive at his conclusion.  Click on the link to read Ricky's article.

History documents that the English colonists had their eyes on these Caribbean island even before they became the US.  The acquisition of Puerto Rico was a well orchestrated series of events by the US.  The status quo has been maintained by the US by the constant repression of any attempt to decolonize PR.  To ignore history for the sake of simplifying the problem, I’m sure, is not what Ockham’s razor (a principal of logic used by Ricky to substantiate his analysis) is about.  Because if you were to ignore why Puerto Rico is a colony of the US, you would never be able to achieve decolonization.

I do agree with Ricky that for the first time Puerto Ricans can say that a majority of us do not support colonialism for Puerto Rico.  But the best way to defeat the enormous pressure to maintain the status quo would be to:

  • Have a “Martin Luther King” peaceful protest to demand it, and
  • Decolonize PR through international law, and not US law

I invite the 54% of Puerto Ricans who favor decolonization to come together for a Protest on the Abolition of Slavery Day in Puerto Rico.  We have a right to petition the government to execute the will of the people!  If we don’t, the status quo will continue like if the status plebiscite never happened, because colonialism is what the US government has always wanted!

Read my proposal for the protest in a previous post.

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