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domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

He, who makes the law, makes the trap!

Why can’t the Puerto Rican political parties decolonize Puerto Rico (PR)?

PR is a colony of the United States (US) by virtues of the invasion on July 25, 1898.  This act, in itself, demonstrates that the US had, and has, an interest in PR.

In 1917, the US unilaterally imposed her citizenship on Puerto Ricans.  Puerto Rico opposed it through the only political representation it had at the time, the “Assembly of Delegates”.

After the insurrection by the Puerto Rico Nationalist Party on October 30, 1950 the US government knew it had a problem in PR, and a negative world perception for having a colony.

The US then decided to create this deception called, “The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” on the anniversary of the invasion, July 25, 1952.  The Puerto Rico Constitution had to be modified because the US did not like parts of it.  After these modifications were made, it was ratified.  But where is the commonwealth in the Puerto Ricans having to take out what they wanted in their Constitution?  It’s obvious to me that it is on one side only!

A year after that, the US asked the United Nations (UN) to remove PR from the list of colonies, because she had obtained self governments by virtue of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  This was how, in 1953, PR was removed from the UN’s list of colonies.  Nevertheless, all of the US’s official government documents consider PR to be “a possession of, but not a part of the US”.

It was precisely to denounce this deception of PR self government that the US Congress was attacked in 1954. 

The Puerto Rican political apparatus is designed for the purpose of deceiving the world that PR is a democracy.  The fact that 80% of Puerto Ricans participate in the electoral process (20 % more than in the US) is used to support this contention.  But the reality is that with every election, PR’s problems become even more critical!  That’s because the PR government’s job is to only appear to try to solve PR problems, while it looks after the interest of the government of the US.  And this is where the trap in the law is!

It is now understandable why the Puerto Rican political system will never decolonize PR.  It would not matter either if the 3 new political parties are ready for 2012, because the US makes the rules.  If the rules have to be changed to maintain the status quo, that’s what she will do.  That is what colonies are for.  And if that weren’t the case, why have a colony?

The only intelligent thing to do is to boycott the 2012 elections and plebiscite to protest the deception that PR is a democracy.  The plain fact is there can’t be democracy in a colony! 

Then we could invite the UN to decolonize PR via Resolution 1514 (XV) which makes colonialism a crime against humanity by threatening world peace.   Only by taking the control away from the US and the PR political parties can PR be decolonized.

The law with the trap doesn’t have jurisdiction for decolonization.  The jurisdiction lies with the international community.  Let’s use it if we want real decolonization!

We’re counting on you!

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