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sábado, 21 de enero de 2012

President Obama just wants the Latino votes!

Obama apoyaría independencia de Puerto Rico - El Universal - El Mundo

President Obama, as a lawyer, knows that the United Nations (UN) and not the United States (US) has jurisdiction on decolonization matters.  If he really wants decolonize Puerto Rico, why doesn’t the US work with the UN to get it accomplished?  In fact, the UN has made that very request of the US 29 times, and they have fallen on deaf ears!  They have, because, judging by what the US has done historically, she wants to maintain PR a colony forever.

This is why the US has never wanted to recognize the fact that the UN has jurisdiction.  She maintains that decolonization is a domestic issue.  She does, because then the US controls the entire decolonization process, and can design it so that PR can never free herself from US colonialism.  For 113 years, the US has been successful doing that!

But President Obama won’t get the Latino votes if he is honest with the people.  So he pretends that he wants what the Latinos want.  He proposes a plebiscite, and says that he will support whatever the Puerto Ricans want.  

Why do you think the Puerto Ricans have never been able to decide what they want?  The US government will do whatever it needs to do so they don’t.  The book, “The COINTELPRO Papers” is a good resource for further study on this matter.  This is why the US wants to keep it internally.

Support doing it the correct way.  Attend the June 2012 UN hearing on PR decolonization, or sign our petition on this site.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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