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viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

Made in USA: tobacco with child labor

Click on the above link to see how children's' health and safety are being jeopardized by allowing them to work on tobacco farms in the United States (US). 

The problem with capitalism is that capital is more important than children's welfare.  Isn't the United US government designed to benefit its citizens?  How are  US citizens being benefited by having their children's health and safety be at risk on these tobacco farms?

When citizens fear their government, we have tyranny.  When it is the other way around, we have democracy. 

Join us in 3 protests a year to force the US government to comply with 34 United Nations resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.  We must, because those who allow our children to be at risk, and maintain Puerto Rico as a colony for 117 years don't believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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