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sábado, 9 de enero de 2016

Juan Gonzalez explains Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis

Click on the above link to hear Juan Gonzalez from Democracy Now give an excellent explanation about Puerto Rico's debt crisis.

Juan explains how Puerto Rico has been exploited.  He shares graphs that show how the wealth produced in Puerto Rico leaves her, because of our colonial relationship to the United States government.

If we could produce so much wealth for the 1% to the point that Puerto Rico is a gold mine for the United States government, no one should doubt that Puerto Rico could be a very prosperous country in her own right.

We need to continue to protest peacefully and permanently for Puerto Rico decolonization, because those who have abused Puerto Ricans for 117 years, don't believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

2 comentarios:

  1. This is a great blog.And great post,too.Intellectual political analysis.

    I had never read the comment you had left on the blog post on nationalism.I discovered this just today,while browsing through old posts.Thanks for visiting The Perspectives.In solidarity with dissidence for a cause.

    1. Dear Titas Biswas,

      I am so happy for the inspiring comments! And above all, thank you immensely for your solidarity. We would be immensely greatful if you could spread the word, as we are trying to create a tsunami of people to achieve our decolonization.