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viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Foundation We Want Bonaire Back

I interviewed 2 activists fighting for the survival of their country.  They are James Finies and Davika Bissessar Shaw

James and Davika are both presidents of 2 organizations fighting against the Dutch’s attempt to extinguish the indigenous people of Bonaire.  Click on the following link to hear their story: https://youtu.be/akq9GH_ZmOw. Pictures above and below by Davika.

James Finies, President of Foundation We Want Bonaire Back, +599 782 5664, jamesfinies@gmail. Facebook: Kierboneirubek Bek

Davika Bissessar Shaw, President of We Dare to Care, +599 786 4576, 

The Dutch government wants to incorporate Bonaire in its Constitution. We rejected that in a 2015 referendum, but the new government is determined to do it anyway. 
We have a population of about 19,000, but it has double recently because of the threat of being displaced by European Dutch Citizens.The Dutch government has opened immigration 400% for European Dutch Citizens, while only allowing back 25% of returning Bonerians.

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