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lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

This is why Puerto Rico is still a colony!

Puerto Rico Status Referendum is Historic - Hispanically Speaking News

Puerto Rico (PR) has been a colony of the United States (US) for 114 years, because PR’s two principal political parties have helped to make it so!

In the attached article, our Resident Commissioner (RC) in the US House of Representatives categorized the October 6, 2012 Status Plebiscite as “historic”!  He said that, for the first time in our history, the options offered are ones that the US can accept.  Ironically, that has been the historic problem with our decolonization process!

Puerto Ricans are the only ones who have to agree on what we what for PR. What the US accepts, or not accept is irrelevant, according to International Law.  That is so since 1960, by virtue of United Nation (UN) Resolution 1514 (XV).  

The reason why the US has not recognized the UN’s jurisdiction in this matter is because she wants to direct PR’s decision to what she wants.  Since the RC favors statehood for PR, he also ignores International Law and speaks only about US jurisprudence that he well knows does not apply to PR decolonization.  But, since the RC is afraid of not getting the vote for statehood in a deliberation among Puerto Ricans, he refuses to recognize, also, the UN’s jurisdiction. 

So, the very interesting result is that the US, and the party that wants to be the next state of the Union are both terrorized at the idea of having Puerto Ricans democratically deciding their own fate.  They love talking about other countries’ lack of democracy, but they hide their own.  Both would rather engage PR in a process where they can steer PR to what they want, instead of what PR wants.  However, this is not, “justice for all!”

This is why, a boycott is needed to unmask this false democracy in Puerto Rico, and decolonize PR according to International Law.  But for that, we need your help.  We hope to see you at the UN in June!

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