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jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Election boycott, best way for Puerto Rico decolonization

Puerto Rico (PR) has been a colony forever.  Spain had her for 400 years.  Then the United States has owned her for the last 114 years.  In both cases, it was not by accident.  Empires have colonies, not because they have to, but because they want to.  So why would anyone believe that PR will ever be decolonized by a US controlled process?  The US has played a very has successful game of “Divide and Conquer”.  Then, she accuses Puerto Ricans of not being capable of deciding what they want.  So how do we break this vicious cycle?  We need to think “outside the box”!

The first step involves Puerto Ricans understanding our own history.  We should not expect government to do that.  On the contrary, it has done everything to hide it from us.  Why do you think the anniversary of the, so called, “Constitution of Puerto Rico” is on the exact anniversary of the US invasion of PR.  Knowing US history, do you think it is a coincidence?  Colonies are for the benefit of the empire.  In order to be able to solve PR’s problems, we must have the very same political power colonies lack.  So our principal problem is that we are a colony.  Hence, the obvious and only solution is decolonization!

We must stop playing the status quo game.  We must begin to talk amongst ourselves to reach a consensus about where we want to go.  We will be able to do that once we rid ourselves from the outside interference that we have always been subjected to.  I believe that we will surprisingly discover that we will be able to agree on more things than we thought possible!  Only Puerto Ricans have the right under international law to self-determination and independence.  What are we waiting for?

Boycotting the PR elections lets the world know that Puerto Ricans are denouncing the deception (that we, unfortunately, have helped perpetuated) that democracy is possible in a colony.  The novelty of this strategy is that it takes the control away from the government, and gives it directly to Puerto Ricans by virtue of only requiring us to simply not vote on Election Day.  Our refusal to legitimize the electoral process will dramatize to the world that PR is invoking her right to self-determination!

PR would then be in the perfect position to embark in a decolonization process through the United Nations (UN).  The international community has jurisdiction in this matter because it has less of a conflict of interest that decolonization process is done right, than the empire of a colony.

Who could be opposed to doing it this way?  Only those who may want to force Puerto Ricans into a political status that the majority of us don’t want.  They, of course, would be the ones who don’t really believe in democracy.  Fortunately for us, they would also be the fewer in numbers!

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