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martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

If Puerto Rico’s political status is so good, why are the smartest people leaving?

Puerto Rico losing professionals to U.S. states – USATODAY.com

Here is a recent article about Puerto Rico (PR)’s huge brain exodus.  The article only briefly hints at the underlying cause for this in its reference to “PR’s complex relationship with the United States”.  In keeping with the United Nation’s recent call to speak honestly, so that decolonization could be achieved in this third decade dedicated to it, I will explain what that author meant by that.

PR is a colony of the United State by virtue of a military invasion 114 years ago.  A failed revolt for independence in 1950 prompted the US to allow in 1952 the creation of the government we have today.  A year later, the US asked the United Nations (UN) to remove PR from its list of colonies with the pretext that the new government constituted self-government.  The UN consented.  Since then, the UN has acknowledged that PR always remained a colony, and continues to celebrate annual hearings to discuss the decolonization of PR.  Incredibly, the UN has never returned PR back on the list of colonies.  Presently, there are 16 colonies listed (each with small populations).  PR, the oldest and most populated, is still absent the list!  

As you could see, the relationship is only complex for PR.  But that’s to be expected since the US created it that way.  The US gets all the benefits including all of the workers she needs, while PR is left with inferior quality services, or not enough professionals for our needs.

The article mentions the high crime level in PR.  This, obviously, is indicative of the desperation the island is in.

This scenario could be completed turned around if PR were to be governed for the benefit of Puerto Ricans.  But that could only happen when PR is decolonized.  Until then, she will continue to be exploited as she has been since the island was first colonized by Spain over 5 centuries ago.  How much worst must it get before Puerto Rican try something novel to change our tragic historical course?

We propose a boycott of the PR elections, and her decolonization via the United Nations (UN).

Like the UN website motto says, “It’s your world!”   You decide!


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