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lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Repression and propaganda have worked wonders in Puerto Rico!

The deceitfully named “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” was created by Law 600 of the government that invaded Puerto Rico.  It excluded independence for Puerto Rico (PR) which is guaranteed under International Law for all colonies.  Two years earlier, the Puerto Rican Nationalists revolted to try to obtain exactly that.  The United States Congress forced PR to alter its “Constitution” after it was written.  And that’s how we got our present government in PR.  Where is the democracy?

The following year, the United States (US) asked the United Nations (UN) to remove PR from its list of colonies, because, she argued, this new political status represented self government.  This was, and still is, a lie.  And this is what some people call the democracy that we have in PR.

In order to sell this lie, words had to be redefined.  This is why in PR everything is done backwards.  Mr. Santos Hernández recently wrote a very interesting article about this subject called, “El País de las “Redefiniciones” (The Country of Redefinitions).  It is in the Spanish version of this blog above.

The repression during these 114 years of US colonialism (Massacre de Ponce, Ley de La Mordaza, Cerro Maravilla, The Assassination of Feliberto Ojeda Rios, 31 years of imprisonment for Oscar Lopez Rivera, etc.) along with the use of this propaganda, has worked wonders in PR.  So much so, that PR has an 80% participation in these PR masquerade elections sanctioned by the invading government.  And for the icing on the cake, PR’s election participation is 20% higher than in the US!

As long as 80% of us continue fighting amongst ourselves while we ignore our own history, we will continue to live in this chaos!  The majority of our Puerto Rican politicians want us to continue to do so, so that they could continue to enjoy the life of luxury for administrating the colony for the US.  All this is possible, because the Puerto Ricans are oblivious to this deception!

Participation in these colonial elections gives credibility to something that is illegal to International Law, and designed to keep us a colony forever.  It is impossible for these elections to solve our problems, because our problem is that we are a colony of the country that is permitting them.  That is why US illegally excluded independence from our choice in 1952 even though she knew we had an exclusively right to it!  The mess, my dear Puerto Ricans, is our present form of government!

This is why the US does not want to allow the UN to manage the decolonization of PR.  How is it that the US President who received the Nobel Peace Prize is willing to continue with a condition that the international community regards as a threat to world peace?

In the meantime, we must continue the resistance.  Resistance is not terrorism.  Terrorism is what has been done to the People of Puerto Rico!

We hope to see you at the UN this June 2012.

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