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domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

A call to decolonize North America!

Decolonization Referendum Petition - Ditch the Holy SEE, The Monarchy -Take Back Our GOVTS - YouTube

Press the above link to see a very interesting video about how few people have greatly benefitted at the expense of the 99% of us.  Thus, a call is being made to decolonize North America. 

Therefore, Puerto Rico’s colonialism is tied up in a larger degree of colonialism.  In either case, they are motivated by greed, and perpetuated by those in power manipulating us through lies.  That is how the few can continue their life of luxury at the expense of our ignorance.  Only through our knowledge of history can we see the bigger picture, and know what we must do.  Democracy isn't what governments do.  It is what citizens do!

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