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viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

Propaganda for Puerto Rico colonialism

This is a poster making the case for President McKinley’s decision to embark the United States (US) in her own quest to acquire colonies.  The poster compares and contrasts Spanish and US colonialism.  

What’s not depicted, for obvious reasons, is the US’s exploitation of her colonies.  After all, that is the only reason why a country obtains a colony.  Though here, the reason is clearly stated that it was, “For Humanity’s Sake”.  How many people really believe that?  Those that accept colonialism believe in discrimination.  The record is clear that President McKinley believed in discrimination, as do other US elected officials currently in office.  This is why colonialism still exists!

The privately funded production of the documentary, “The Last Colony” is running into a budget deficiency.  Obviously, the people who want to keep the status quo will not help make a documentary about the 114 year colonial relationship between the US and PR (including the government of PR).  So it is up to the ones who believe that colonialism is a crime against humanity to help educate the public about it.

Here is the email I received from the producer of the documentary, and my response to him.  I hope you will consider helping financially this historic project that will hopefully lead us to the decolonization of the oldest colony in the world!

Project Update #3: Production schedule and other updates

Posted by Juan Agustin Marquez Like
Dear backers,
We've been busy this week relaunching The Last Colony. We have been on the Puerto Rican radio twice talking about the project and next week we will be on CNN en Español. There is a lot of enthusiasm for the project. However, we are still underfunded, to say the least. But we will not give up. We will tell this story.
I have already started working on the production schedule to follow the campaign trail that will lead up to the referendum vote this coming November 6. From October 25 to November 7 we will be covering everything that happens in Puerto Rico.
We have begun talks with private investors but nothing is certain at this point. We need a financial boost to cover the next month of pre-production and the two full production weeks in Puerto Rico.
Please visit our NEW Kickstarter campaign and make a pledge to help get the documentary off the ground. We have set a small goal of $3,000 to make sure that this time we don't lose your pledges.
Thank you very much,
Juan Agustín
Dear Juan Agustin,

            I’m glad that you are determined to get this documentary out, because that is the only way that it will ever happen.

            The reason why Puerto Rico (PR) has been a colony of the United States (US) for 114 years is because that’s the way the US wants it.  To accomplish that, the US has used every repressive means possible (see “LA REPRESSION CONTRA EL INDEPENDENTISMO PUERTORRIQUENO: 1960-2010 by Ché Paralitici) including state terrorism (2 examples: The Rio Piedras and Ponce Massacres).  The resistance to this project is the cumulative result of 114 years of colonialism (a learning/conditioning process).  The best example of this is the fact that, “La Corporación de Cine de Puerto Ricowill not make any movie about the history of PR.  Its latest production, Broche de Oro, is excellent, but it contains nothing politically controversial.

            This is also why the PR media ignores you.  I think the idea you have about sending your backers an email to be released to the media is an excellent idea.  We know they want to ignore us, but if we reach the threshold where they can’t, they will have to cover it!

            Our only solution lies through education, so that the public could see the truth over the propaganda!

            Count on me to spread the word!


Propaganda for Puerto Rico Colonialism

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