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sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

What Puerto Rican heritage means to our Diaspora


Click on the above link to see a video of notable Puerto Ricans in the Diaspora talking about their heritage. There is no doubt that our Diaspora must be involved in the future political status of Puerto Rico.

There are only two countries in the world that have more of their people in the Diaspora than in their homelands.  They are Palestine and Puerto Rico.  This aberration should cause us to wonder why.  The answers lie in the study of our real history.  And those answers will provide the unity that we so desperately need to forge our future!

The Puerto Rican Diaspora feels that our island pulls them back home.  I believe that is so, because they were forced out due to the lack of opportunity under colonialism.  When you leave out of need instead of out of want, your heart will always long to return!

See you at the protest on June 17, 2013 in New York City!

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