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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

United States’ contradictions of actions and words

Beyond Vietnam - Martin Luther King, Riverside Church, NYC, 4 Apr 1967

Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about the War in Vietnam.  Press on the above link to read what he said at a New York City church.  He was painfully detailed in the United States (US) government’s contradictions of what it does, and the ideals it says it represents.

Was the US policy so much different than what led her in 1898 to acquire colonies of her own?  Is her policy so different today in her decision to intervene militarily around the world?  Do the people consider enemies of the US have justifiable reasons to hate her, or are their hate irrational?

To the question, “Do we now have a democracy?” Benjamin Franklyn answered, “Yes, if we are able to keep it!”

The fact that 99% of the wealth in the US is controlled by a small group of people, you have to wonder if we were not able to keep the democratic republic.  Surely, 99% of US citizens can’t be voting to live in as much poverty as possible!  So why is democracy not working for the majority of us? 

This speech, as well as the present conditions of the US, makes it clear that the people of the US have lost our democratic form of government.

It is time to, as Dr. King said, “…save the soul of America.”  He also said that, “A time comes when silence is betrayal.”  It is time to use civil disobedience to make our government do what is right for the majority of mankind.

Respect is something that we must earn by what we do.  Democracy isn’t want a government does.  It is want citizens do!

The picture for this post is from Dr. King's last speech in Memphis a year later.

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