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miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Secretary General asked the Decolonization Committee to find the way to get it done


Click on the above link to read or see the video of the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon, addressing the Special Committee for Decolonization.  He tells the committee that it needs to find creative ways to involve everyone to decolonize the world during this third decade dedicated to doing just that.

Ban Ki-moon does not mention specifically that the committee should return Puerto Rico back on the UN’s list of colonies.  He does however say that the committee should review that list to see who should be on it or off it.

Puerto Rico was taken off the UN’s list of colonies as a result of the United States alleging that Puerto Rico had attained in 1952 self government via what has been called The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  

Later, the UN became aware that in reality Puerto Rico never ceased being a US colony despite this new name given.  Despite the fact that the UN holds hearings every June (the Monday after Fathers” Day) to discuss Puerto Rico’s decolonization, the UN has never returned Puerto Rico on its list of colonies.  Putting Puerto Rico on the list would constitute, in my opinion, being creative to get the job done, which is what the Secretary General wants the committee to do.

Another creative way is to organize everyone to peacefully protest twice a year for the decolonization of Puerto Rico.  Why?  Because it’s the law since 1960 that colonialism is a crime against humanity (UN resolution 1514 XV).  And we must, because those who practice or accept colonialism don’t believe in justice for all.

Become involved!  Like the UN says, “It’s your world.”

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