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martes, 18 de junio de 2013

The United States’ government wants to keep Puerto Rico a colony

Puerto Rican Lawyer speaks at the UN Decolonisation Committee seminar — MercoPress

Click on the above link to read about what an expert on the political relationship of United States (US) and Puerto Rico (PR) says is the intent of US with PR.

This is all of us who believe that it is wrong for any nation to own another nation for the purpose of exploitation, must peacefully protest until Puerto Rican decolonization is completed.

We must all work together to plan and participate in a peaceful protest in Puerto Rico and in the United States.  We have the international law behind us.  Now we need to translate it into the will of the people.  Isn’t that what democracy is?  Or are we, at the service of our government?  When did we allow the carriage before the Horse?

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