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viernes, 7 de junio de 2013

What is it like to live in the colony of Puerto Rico?


Click on the above link to hear United States House of Representative Luis Gutiérrez (Puerto Rican) speak about how Puerto Ricans’ rights are being violated by the government.   It is important to point out that the government of Puerto Rico works for the government of the United States, and not for the People of Puerto Rico.  Once you understand that, you can then understand what Luis is condemning on the floor of the US House of Representative.

This is why we need to protest peacefully outside the United Nations (UN) on June 17, 2013 on the same day that inside the UN, the Special Committee on Decolonization is discussing Puerto Rico’s colonial situation with the United States.  The fact that Oscar Lopez Rivera has been incarcerated for an unprecedented 32 years by the US for fighting for Puerto Rico decolonization is an excellent indication that the US has no intentions of ever ending Puerto Rico colonialism.

Therefore, we must work together to decolonize Puerto Rico and free Oscar Lopez Rivera.  Join the nonviolent protest outside the UN on June 17, 2013 from 8AM to 5PM on 46th Street and First Avenue.  Why?  Because, those who practice colonialism don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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