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jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

Diaspora summit to respond to PR crisis


The primary goal for the conference is to provide a safe space for the discussion of policy issues and the articulation of community responses to the crisis from the perspective of stateside Puerto Ricans and other stakeholders. To achieve this goal, the conference program is designed to balance topics related to the economic, fiscal, and unfolding humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico and of its impacts on stateside Puerto Ricans.

The first part of the conference, taking place Friday morning, will be devoted to an understanding of the current situation in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is in a prolonged recession that started in 2006 and has resulted in a fiscal crisis, severe austerity measures and cuts of public services, and a massive migration to the United States, leading to a significant decline in the island’s population.

The second part of the conference, taking place Friday afternoon, will be devoted to an understanding of how the economic crisis in Puerto Rico has impacted the stateside Puerto Rican community.

The closing program on Saturday will focus on ongoing efforts to articulate a diaspora response to the crisis, an agenda for stateside organizations to move forward with coalition building, and in that context a discussion of the leading support role that Centro may play in the future.

Click on the link below to get the complete program:

If you analyze the complete program above, you will not see any mention of Puerto Rico's 118 years of colonialism.  That is incredible!  That would be like a ship having a huge hole, and nobody wants to acknowledge it.

How good could the diaspora's response to Puerto Rico's crisis be, if the main reason for it is not even mentioned in this program?  It is understandable why the United States government doesn't want to talk about colonialism, but why not Puerto Ricans?

The government is the only one benefitting from colonialism.  If Puerto Ricans want to really address Puerto Rico's crisis, we must see the real problem, and demand our immediate decolonization with one voice. 

Puerto Rican unity is indispensable, because those who maintain colonies don't believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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