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sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2016

Donald Trumps’ connection to the KKK

It is no secret that the United States (US) government was founded by White Anglo-Saxon Racist Supremacists. Dr. Nelson Rochet Santoro is a Puerto Rican economist, lawyer and historian.  His doctoral thesis in history focused on precisely this subject
He was interested in finding out why the US Congress invented the legal category of the Non-Incorporated Territory for Puerto Rico.  He discovered that it did, because the US government deemed Puerto Ricans to be of an inferior race. Click on the following link to watch a video in Spanish where Dr. Rochet explains his findings in details: https://youtu.be/36JhWdy3iYU

You may buy his doctoral thesis by contacting Dr. Rochet at 787-630-0810 or nelsonrochet@gmail.com

We need to get our information from other sources than the mainstream media. We need to organize ourselves in our communities.  And we need to peacefully create a tsunami of people to force the US government to represent 100% of its citizens. 

We do, because those who represent only 1% of its citizens don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL! 

Click this link to read the UN’s 2016 resolution on Puerto Rico decolonization: http://informacionaldesnudo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/RESOLUCION-CE-PR-2016-1.pdf

Click here to watch the 2016 UN hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otzBslJLbI0

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