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miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016

The US government’s obsession with Cuba

The United States (US) governments believes that the world is there for its benefit.  Democracy means to it doing what is must be done to keep other nations from running their nations for the benefit of their citizens.

Click on the following link to hear Professor Noam Chomsky explain US’s historical policy towards Cuba.  This will also explain quite graphically why Puerto Rico has been a US colony for 118 years, and why the US government has ignored the United Nations’ 35 resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico. https://youtu.be/rL9bnTynWDk

Be a part of the tsunami of people that we will need to force the US government to comply with the international law that prohibits being a threat to world peace, because those who choose to, don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL! 

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