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martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

Result of 113 years of PR colonialism

Advierten que Puerto Rico está cerca de ser un narcoestado - El Nuevo Día

113 years of colonialism has taken us to this point. 

Puerto Rico does not control its boaders, yet she is close to being listed, according to United Nation's (UN) standards, as a narco-state.  If being a United States (US) colony is so wonderful, why does Puerto Rico rank high in so many negative areas?  Unfortunately, the answer is that colonies are not designed to benefit from the relationship.  And, that's the point!

Puerto Rico needs to forge her own destiny according to her values of fairness, respect and prosperity for all her citizenry without any interference from any other country.  That is what the overwhelming majority of countries do.  Why shouldn't Puerto Rico do the same? 

Join us at the UN's Puerto Rico Decolonization Hearing on June 2012.  It's that urgent!  Please spread the word!

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