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jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

US Plan: Puerto Ricans fighting among themselves

Statement from the PDP President, Hector Ferrer Rios on HR 2499 - YouTube

In this video, you will see how our three political party leaders take three separate proposals to Congress for it to decide our political future.  What is most pitiful is that they really do believe that Congress is willing help us solve our colonial problem!  All three of them are lawyers.  This fact exemplifies dramatically the disastrous effects of 113 years of colonialism. What a crime done to a people!  These educated Puerto Ricans are incapable of thinking outside the box that they have been programmed to operate within!  This is why they willfully engage in such a ridiculous and wasteful effort that only serves to propagate our problem.  But of course, from Congress' point of view, that is precisely the purpose of this charade. 

These leaders should have instead talked amongst themselves to see what agreement they could come up with.  Then, they should have informed Congress of their unified decision.  Congress would then have the opportunity to decide whether it will accept or reject our decision.  Should Congress decide to reject it, then it is time for the UN to get involved.

Do Puerto Ricans dare take such a courageous course of action?  Those of us who believe we would, have a date on June 2012.  See you there!

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