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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

The White House's plan to keep Puerto Rico a colony

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This report:

  • Recommends a two-part plebiscite process for Puerto Rico decolonization where the United States (US) and not the United Nations (UN) is involved in the process.  This means that the US rejects the international community’s claim that colonialism is an international affair and that it can not be a domestic one.

  • Recommends that only the residents of Puerto Rico should determine the future political status of Puerto Rico.  It totally ignores the fact that the reason over 4.1 million Puerto Ricans live outside Puerto Rico is largely the result of 113 years of US colonial rule.  Is it a wonder that Puerto Rico residents have a per capita income of one-third of that of US mainland residents?  Colonies are for the benefit of the motherland, and everybody knows that!  So colonialism forced Puerto Ricans out, and now they can’t decide Puerto Rico’s political future.  This is an attempt to get what the US wants, and not have what the Puerto Rican people want.  And this is why, instead of having the UN handle the decolonization process, the US wants to do it.

And that’s why we need to be at the June 2012 UN Puerto Rico Decolonization Hearing.  We look forward to meeting you!

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