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sábado, 17 de diciembre de 2011

¡Exgobernadores de PR no respaldan plebiscito!

Aliados contra el plebiscito Vocero.com

These two former governors of different political status options for Puerto Rico (PR) oppose Governor Fortuño’s 2012 political status plebiscite.  They are both lawyers.  Interestingly, they both oppose the plebiscite for the wrong reasons!

Former Estado Libre Asociado de PR (status quo) governor, don Rafael, believes that President Obama really wants to resolves PR’s colonial relationship with the United States (US).  All US presidents have said exactly that, but, by their own actions (including President Obama), they have proven that it was all “lip service”.  Don Rafael proposes that PR should work with the President and the Congress to legislate a self-executing law for the decolonization of PR.  Obviously, he is not a student of Puerto Rican history!

Former Partido Nuevo Progresista governor, don Carlos, on the other hand, proposes that the question that should be posed to the residents of PR be the same question that he himself asked President Obama.  President Obama, according to don Carlos, refused to answer his question twice.  “Do you want American citizenship with all of the rights and obligations that comes along with it?”

Both are content with having the same country that owns the colony to also control the process of PR decolonization.  As lawyers and former legislators, haven’t they heard understood the popular Puerto Rican saying, “El que hace la ley hace la trampa”?

We are looking forward to meeting you this June 2012!

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