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viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

EEUU recomienda seguir montado en la machina colonial

Task Force recomienda dos plebiscitos de status en Puerto Rico - Primerahora.com

Here you will be able to see how the President’s Task Force totally disregards UN Resolution 1514 (XV) by:

·         Recommending that a plebiscite be used to decolonize Puerto Rico rather than transferring  sovereignty to Puerto Rico first before the Puerto Ricans begin to make their own decisions
·         Wanting the United States Government (USG) to handle the decolonization process instead of having the UN handle it (decolonization is an international and not a domestic affair)
·         Wanting to decide for the Puerto Rican People their future instead of having the Puerto Rican totally doing that.  The USG wants to exclude from the decolonization process, the involvement of the over 4 million Puerto Ricans who are not residents of Puerto Rico (NRPR).  Many of the NRPR left to escape the horrible economic conditions caused by the US imposed colonial relationship (it is the Puerto Rican People who have the right to self-determination not the imperial power that control them)  

Once again, we see the USG ignoring the laws it wants to, simply because, it has the power to do so.  But isn’t that what the USG criticizes other governments of doing.  Where is the respect for the rule of law?  Or are American citizens expected to blindly accept what the government says.  Didn’t we accuse the Nazi of that too?

We hope to see you this coming June 2012!

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