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sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2011

Obama’s support only perpetuates PR status quo

BBC News - Barack Obama pledges support in rare Puerto Rico visit

President Obama is part of the problem.  He pledged support of a referendum to decolonize Puerto Rico.  The President must be aware that a referendum goes against International Law for decolonization.  The United States (US) has never accepted the fact that colonialism is an international affair and not a domestic one.  Does anyone believe that slavery would have been abolished if left to the slavemasters?

If President Obama really wants to decolonize Puerto Rico, he could support the 29 United Nations (UN)resolutions (the most recent: June 20, 2011).  Anything less than that would be pretending to be a friend of the Puerto Rican People residing in the 50 states in order to win his re-election. 

The US rushed to war with Irak because she had ignored a long list of UN resolutions.  But, she's not the only one!

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